Can't delete empty paragraph at end of Structured Text

If you have a structured text field with a block and an empty paragraph at the end, there is no way to delete that last paragraph without also deleting the block.

If the cursor is at the “Type ‘/’ for commands” line, and you hit “Backspace” it will delete button 1. You can’t triple click to select the line.

The only way I can find to delete it is to create another block, and then delete that block. I don’t want to need to have to handle empty paragraphs at the end of text on the client end.


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Hello @dewyze

I’ve contacted the dev team to take a look at this, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible :slight_smile:

Thank you for letting us know!

Hello once again @dewyze

We patched it! Take a look if you can delete it normally now

Thank you again for your feedback.

That seems to have fixed it, thanks!

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