Structured Text - Reordering and Duplication


Would like to ask if its possible to duplicate components inside Structured Text? Basically select a component, press win/cmd + C, press win/cmd + V and all of the contents included in that component gets duplicated.

I also noticed that you can reorder the components in Focus Mode. Can you do that as well in not in Focus Mode? Basically having that same drag and drop feature.

Hello @nirodriguez

Regarding the drag and drop outside focused, its not possible at the moment

And for blocks inside the structured text, if you select them (as you would text) and press control (or command) c and then paste it on another structured text, you can do so

Hi @m.finamor ,

Here’s a better example: if I want to duplicate the block Banner Content (highlighted in screenshot) and paste it at the end, is that possible?

Hello, yes, you just have to select it, do command + c, and paste it wherever you want to

Odd. We did that before and it was working. However, it “stopped” working for some reason. I am doing the same thing in your screen recording but its not working

@nirodriguez This then is very most likely an issue on your browser, perhaps an extension is blocking you to do so, or some cache conflict? Could you attempt to do the same in a different browser (safari, firefox, …) and see if the issue persists?

Thank you! It does look like a browser conflict. It was working previously and thought there might be an update on your end. I tried in Edge and was working. I will clear the cache. That may help.