Cannot seem to remove Lists in the editor

There seems to be an issue when trying to remove a list in the editor and then it has to be done in the source code.

You can’t seem to remove it by backspacing the bullet or by pressing the list button in the editor. Every time it seems to just stay inside the ul tag.

This is proving to be a very serious issue for our authors/editors.

hi @matt I suppose you talk about the HTML editor. Am I right?

Can you please record the screen showing the problem you have? Then you can upload the video (or gif) file in here.

Thank you!

Hi Faber,

Yes, you are correct it’s the HTML editor.

I have made a screen record but am unable to upload it here as it responds with new users are unable to upload. So I have it on a dropbox link:

You can see that I try and backspace the list items and remove them with the editor button but nothing seems to work but editing the HTML directly.


hi @matt

I think you should click once (no select) on the li item you want to remove from the list and then click once on the list button in the toolbar:

If this is not working for you, can you please send us the URL of the record you are working on? Send it to :slight_smile:

Hi Faber,

We are still experiencing this issue so I have emailed

But for your reference here is another video:


hi @matt. I’ve received the email and I’ll test on your project. In the meantime, which browser and version are you using? Does it work with the latest version of Chrome or Firefox?

Alright, great thanks!

I am using Chrome on a mac with the latest update. FYI this is not just happening to me but everyone so I am wondering if it’s something in the HTML structure that is causing the editor to not work?

hi @matt I was able to reproduce on your project. It’s a bug in TinyMCE. I was not able to reproduce it before my case was simpler than yours

We are going to check if TinyMCE already fixed this. In the meantime, I’m sorry but you have to edit the source code to “unlist” an item :frowning:

Thank you for reporting this!

Hi @matt,

We tried updating the HTML editor’s library (called TinyMCE) to the latest version to see if they fixed the bug you reported, only to find even more bugs! :pensive:

Even if it is one of the best and more customizable WYSIWYG editors around, Tiny MCE is still not capable to handle all the different use cases, simply because they are very hard to predict and manage! It is a battle that the both of us can’t win.

That is why we created our own WYSIWYG Editor, the Structured Text, that is built around DatoCMS users needs; and that is why we finally decided to stop taking into account support requests regarding the HTML editor unless they concern security updates.

If you don’t feel like using our Structured Text, you can still build your own DatoCMS plugin containing the version/configuration of TinyMCE that most suits your needs.

About your specific case. The bug you see is connected to the fact that Tiny MCE is not able to handle lists inside divs. If you remove the div that wraps the list, you should be able to switch from list to plain text by using the button.

I hope you understand our view about this topic!