Structured Text field allows pasting of disallowed formatting

If you have a Structured Text field with only certain formatting elements allowed (e.g. bold text, but no hyperlinks), when copy and pasting html/text in from another source it carries across the hyperlinks and allows you to save the record.

I would have expected it either to strip the disallowed items from the pasted text, or to prevent saving because it violates some field-level validation.

Note that links are not allowed in the editor, but the links have been carried over when copy and pasting (from this page Contact our Sales team)

Hello @apps and welcome to the community!

Thank you for the report!
I was able to reproduce it and it is indeed an issue on our end.

I’ll get back to you as soon as it is solved

Hello @apps ,

We just shipped a fix for this!

Thank you once again for the report :slight_smile:

@m.finamor thanks for looking into this! I just tried repeating these steps but it seems to still be possible to paste links into the structured content boxes. Do we need to do something in order to take advantage of your fix?

@apps A hard reload (command + shift + r) should be enough, if you still have some rules + content that shouldn’t be able to be pasted that are able, let me know right here, but testing with the example in this thread it seemed to be fixed: Streamable

@m.finamor yep that seems to be working for me now. Awesome!