Only possible to copy from default locale when there is only one locale to add

When there are several locales that have not been added to an item they appear as a list with checkboxes and when they are added I can chose to copy the content the current selected locale. If there is only one locale that hasn’t been added to an item there is no checkbox and no matter what locale I am on, it will only offer me to copy content from the default/first locale.

In a project my first locale is en and I have both fr-FR and fr-BE locales added. If I go to add locales to an item that only has fr-BE as the only locale that isn’t added it’s not possible to copy content from fr-FR, only en.

My current work-around is to add a locale that isn’t used on my websites so that there is always at least two locales to add.

It would be great to be able to copy content from other locales than the first one, even if there is only one locale left to add.

Hello @johannes1 and welcome to the community!

The locale offered for you to copy from should be the same locale you are in when you add the new locales (so if you have a french locale open, it will offer to copy from it)
If that is not the case for you, can you link us the record where you are experiencing this to us at so we can take a closer look at a possible issue?

Thank you!

Just to close the topic, we ended up indeed finding an issue on our end and a fix has been shipped!

Thank you once again @johannes1 for the feedback and the detailed report :slight_smile: