Language switcher and default language issue

Hi Dato team,

We are currently modelling a new module for our client but we are running into some issues.
We have 2 languages active in Dato. (Dutch default/French)

If we only want to create a french version we now have to do following steps:

  1. create a new course
  2. change language to french
  3. delete dutch page (because it has some req fields)
  4. edit french page and publish

It would be a lot faster to choose which language you want to make the course in, and go right to step 4.

Secondly in our course we our using the (multiple) reference field.
There references could be translatable.

However in the dropdown of such a field in the dato editor we are also getting references that are only available in dutch. (which is breaking our build) If we then click ==> apply from library, everything works as expected, since this is indeed filtered on language.

Thank you in advance to have a look at this!!


Hello @robin.vinck and welcome to the communtiy!

You can do that by dragging the language you want to be the default to the first position on your language list (you can just drag and drop them):

Let me know if that solves your issue :slight_smile:

Hi Marcelo,

No that actually does not fix the issue we are having.
Because then we would need to do the same in Dutch and we just replace the language problem.

  1. create a new course
  2. change language to french
  3. delete dutch page (because it has some req fields)

This issue is annoying but not really blocking, what is really blocking our code from deploying is the second issue: that you can choose dutch translations in a french page. This breaks our Gatsby code because it is trying to fetch an object in the other language, which is ofcourse not possible…

Hello @robin.vinck

I see, then you would like to be able to select the record locale right at the moment of creation instead of going to through the process of adding the new locale and removing the default one, correct?

If that is the case, could you open a feature request for this right here:
So we can track it a bit better and consider adding this in the future?

Thank you!