"Copy from …" Bug

When we create a page in another locale than the first one and then later on try to copy the content nothing is happening.

I recorded a 50sec video to demonstrate the issue: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9k3vsyh8tzu1pcl/copy-from-bug.mov?dl=0

thank you @nik.graf for having reported that!

We’ll fix it and get back to you. Sorry for the problem :frowning:

Hi @nik.graf, it should be fixed now! Can you try again?

Works like a charm, thanks!

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Hmm. If I create an item in a language that is not the first related language in dato, then i have no “copy content and structure” at all :frowning:

This applies only to modular contents @thomas.iacopino do you have those?

Hi @mat_jack1. Yes, the content is a modular block.
We have EN,IT,DE as languages, so EN ist the “default”. If I create an item in “DE”, add modular content, then add a “IT” version - there is no “copy content and structure” button.
Only if I add a “EN” version to the content item, the button is visible in DE and IT (and I only can copy content from the “default” english, no way to use the modular content created in the german version).

Maybe this is a problem only for our organisation, but we don’t really have a “default” language, the editors create content based on their mothertongue. So it’s possible that the “orignal” is italian OR german OR english … . This is probably not a usual editorial setup, but hopefully we can find workarounds in dato to work with. :slight_smile:

hello @thomas.iacopino,

one workaround that you can use, maybe not every time, is that you can sort the locales in the project’s settings.

But other than that I think the only alternative that you have is building a plugin, maybe a field-addon plugin, in which you can do what you need to.

Would that make sense?