Faster UI Feedback for Unset Focal Points

The focal point feature with preview is excellent. Although, I can foresee authors forgetting to set them.

Below are a few ideas to help show authors quickly when they have not set a focal point.

  1. Have a filter in the Media Area to show images with unset focal points (or if its hard to tell if they have edited then perhaps if they have default 0.5 / 0.5 focal point would be good enough to assume so)

  2. Perhaps a small icon on thumbnail of the asset in the Media Area that shows if a custom focal point has been set, or even perhaps show the focal point in the thumbnail image (it may be distracting so might need a page level toggle for it on and off)

  3. Have a validation option in the field entry that would require the author to set a focal point before saving a record (like the other validations of requires alt text etc)

Those are just some ideas I’ve thought of, there could be many other ways to achieve the high level goal of a fast way to see (both in Media Area and ideal on a Record level) whether an asset has been given a custom focal point - without having to click into the modal for each image to check.

Thanks Dato Team!