Is it possible to set the same focus-point for all languages?

One of our content-editors noticed that the focus-point of images has to be set individually for every language. This can become quite cumbersome for a setup with several languages… we also don’t see the benefit of having an individual focus-point for every language.
Is this something that could be toggled? Eg. make the focal-point translatable or opt-out of translation?

Any advice is highly welcome

Hello @tools1

The best way to do so would be to make the Asset field that the image is in not localised, that way it will maintain the focal points across all locales.

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Hi @m.finamor
I have to come back to this problem, since it’s only partially solved.

For “Models” it’s easy to disable localisation on individual image-fields. However, we have Blocks that contain images, as well as text-content (which should be translatable).

When we add a “Modular Content” field on one of our models (with enabled localisation for the modular content), then the images will also become translatable, resulting in the problem with the “translated” focal-point.

As a lot of our “page-content” is based on modular blocks, the problem shows up quite often.

Hello once again @tools1

I see, however there are only a couple solutions i see for your use case:

  • Splitting the image and the localized text fields into two blocks, and localizing only the text one
  • Adding on our end a way to localize image fields but mantain focous points across locales (which seems very counter intuitive for the majority of other use-cases)
  • Adding on our end a way to localize fields within blocks, which is requested in this feature request right here: Allow localised fields within blocks

For now the immediate option seems to be only the first one, or to set the focal point on all locales manually unfortunately

Hi @m.finamor
Thanks for your swift reply.
We have content-blocks that need to have image and text fields in the same block, so separating them won’t work. But since the “localise” Option is on the “Modular Content” field, this solution won’t work anyway, right? Since localising a Modular-Content field results in all allowed blocks to be localised.
We just use a single Modular-Content field and the editors can then create the different content-blocks there.

Having localisation on the block-level would be better in this case. So I’m also giving a :+1: to this feature-request :smile:

@tools1 , yes, sorry, i meant splitting them in two different blocks, and then splitting those blocks usage in two different modular content fields, e.g: one non localized modular content field called “Images” for non localized content assets, and one localized modular content field called “Texts” with the text fields

  • Adding on our end a way to localize image fields but mantain focous points across locales (which seems very counter intuitive for the majority of other use-cases)

Hi @m.finamor we’ve run into the same problem where we use the same assets on multiple locales (20+) with multiple device variations (mobile/desktop). Its a massive amount of manual work, and theres no value inputs so every locale will get a slightly off-set focal point because you need to click an image in the exact same location.

The expected behaviour is for a focal point to behave like a default value in the Media area, the same as alt texts/captions: Type something to overwrite the default value for this asset.

The current behaviour seems more counter intuitive.

Additional request if we were to do this manually is to have numerical input fields in addition to the “Click on the image” interface, so we can at least have the exact same Focal point between locales.