Allow localised fields within blocks

I am so suprised not find this in the existing feature requests because for me it’s the last missing large piece. Anyway, let’s start with an example:

We want to create a Survey. Every Survey contains 1+ questions, and to every question there are 2+ answers.

Option A: Survey has a field “questions” (Modular content, localised) – which means that the editor must add exactly the same amount of questions and answers for every language.

Option B: Survey has a field “questions” (Multiple Links) – which introduces models which are better suited as blocks, because they are not reused anywhere and make things like deletion of a survey cumbersome.

I propose to allow localised fields within blocks. If blocks are referenced by a localised field, we could simply ignore the translation option – or simpler: we don’t allow blocks with localised fields within localised modular content. I would prefer the first solution, but I see it’s problems.

Hello @tools-dt_ubs

I’m struggling a bit to follow your example. I don’t understand why in Option A you say that with modular blocks you need to have the same number of questions and aswers for every language. The blocks can be different for every language, so if you use nested blocks you can have a different set of blocks for every translation. Am I missing something here?

For Option B I think there are different tradeoffs, but first I would like to understand better Option A, as I think I’m missing something.