Setting custom focalpoint

When the focalpoint is set in the mediatab, it works like its supposed to but when overriding the focal point in a model, this new focalpoint seems to be ignored.

Is this something that has to be configured?


Hello @royheeffer

If you made a change on the focal point of an asset inside a record, using the “Edit” button over it, as such:

The new focal point set up in the modal that pops up can only be queried through the field of that Record. Not directly through the “uploads” or “allUploads” query, as that one will have the focal-point that was set up on the media area.

So by querying the specific record, as if you were going to get the value of a string field, but to get the image from a single (or multiple) asset field, and getting it’s focal-point, you’ll get that modified focal point

Thank you for the swift response, i fully understand