Focal point option on images

As far as I see, you use the imgix CDN service for your image assets, which provides several image editing options. Now, other CMS like Wagtail or CraftCMS provide an option to set focal points on each image individually through the CMS admin interface, whereas this seems impossible with DatoCMS.

This would be quite a nice enhancement for Dato, given that imgix makes this so easy if the information is there; what would be needed is an interface for setting a cross-hair like target on the image…

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This would be an excellent addition. There are definitely occasions where we’d like to add constraints on image dimensions in the content model.

@stefano.verna I think the way Sanity does it with an ellipse over the focused area (instead of a crosshair) and a preview of how it would render on different aspect ratios is very handy.

Hi, Is this already available?

@glenn.bostoen it is available via the API but we haven’t developed an interface for this yet