BUG in CMA API calls?

I have a hard time understanding the logic behind how our CMA Api calls can be so high, and wonder if something is wrong with how the calls are registered from the DatoCMS administrational area.

We currently work on a site with 5 static pages, with content only fetched with the CDA. It’s a super simple site that was soft-released last week and had about 100 visitors durring the whole week.

On Wednesday last week our CMA Api Calls suddenly went from 0 to 48K (50% of the free plan). The day before the site had 21 visitors, this day 30. CMA Traffic went from 0Mb to 2Mb. If the CMA Calls have some relation to what we have built and the users are generating , there must be a correlation between that data?

The only thin we know happened on Wednesday was that the editor updated some text fields. My only explanation to the high bump in CMA API calls is therefore something caused by the admin.

Is there any way to see the logs on the API calls to fully understand this?

We are just about to start a big project with 10+ editors. If the admin can generate 48k api calls for one user in one day, we are in deep trouble…


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Hello @mattias

You can see your latest project usages by going to Settings > Project usages, there, by selecting the Change report… drop down menu, you can see for what URL the requests where made, as well as the IP (or even the user) of the source of the calls.

There you can see that there has been indeed an unusual number of calls to the CMA, perhaps there was a problem on the part of your system admin (possibly a loop with API calls?)

However this is definitely unusual, maybe if you contact us at support@datocms.com with some of the information of the actions taken on the 17th we can help maybe locating the source of all those calls