Project usage discrepancies

My project has 4M request at this moment, and for example just on May 24th I received 360k requests using CDA.

But when I go to the section ‘Top referrers for CDA’ the first one says ‘197 k’, and the other ones are bellow 1k, so, how can I know who made that amount of requests? The only reference that I have is ‘API tokens for CDA’ that says 4M.

Please, I need help because I’m having a lot of requests and I don’t know where they are coming from

Hello @julian1

Could you send us over the project that you are having those problems over at so we can take a closer look at the statistics and see what could be going on?

Thank you!

In general bear in mind that not all the HTTP requests have a referrer header. So if we don’t get that back we cannot show it to you :frowning:

You can manually set it to whatever you like though, so that could help you understanding more about your traffic.

The other alternative is to create multiple API tokens and use them in different parts of your application or different stages of your development, so you are sure that you are not causing issues from a dev/staging environment.

Then, as Marcelo said, reach out support so that we can help you more specifically.

Ok! I’ll reach out support. And another question, does Dato use Amazon? Because I’m receiving a lot of requests from Ashburn, Virginia, EEUU. And I read on google that those are Amazon’s bots

GraphQL requests are cached globally by our Fastly CDN, so you might get them from different data centers. Are you referring to GraphQL, yes?