Seemingly high number of API requests

Question about CDA calls…

I’m one developer, working on local host (app isn’t anywhere yet). I’m seeing a crazy high number of CDA calls (chart below).

So far my app has around 12 pages, each one has just a single GraphQL call. I have no idea how I can be making 6k a day as one guy.

I’m using next.js. Has anyone experienced anything like this before? Any suggestions on what to look at to fix it?



I was gonna ask the same thing today when i saw your post. If you think 6k is crazy, i got almost 32k!

I have a 1 page site thats not even launched yet (with me the only person testing). Also with nuxtjs!

Only 10-13 images (squooshed to below 100kb per image). No videos (all hosted on vimeo pro). All text content and data retrieved with a single API graphql query

And there was strange spike to almost maxing out the 50k on the free plan. I dont think its humanly possible that i myself could have made that many request in a day.

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hello @mykim and @jp

I cannot know exactly without having a look at your code. If you can share that to me (also via DM if you prefer) I can have a look.

One thing that you can do if you are not sure if it’s a rogue script gone wrong, is to rotate the API token so that you invalidate them.

hey @jp . Did you ever find out the cause?

No. My best guess is, next.js tries to reload the page after an error (in dev mode)… perhaps I just left a tab open and it was refreshing itself through all my API calls without me realizing it.

Right now setting up caching of responses just so I hit the backend less.