404 on Assets url

currently, we are unable to access any assets on one of our DatoCMS instances.

We see all assets on the media library but only with the blur effect. When i try to open the “Copy Url” Link for a image i get a 404-error.

We can view all assets in the media library, but they only appear with a blur effect. When I attempt to open the ‘Copy URL’ link for an image, I receive a 404 error.

Thank you for Help
Regards Dominik

We are experiencing a similar issue. Can someone please update us with a timeline for a fix. This issue was found almost 2 hours ago and we expect a fix soon.

Hello @r.konings and @dominik.matt and welcome to the community

This was a temporary incident we recorded and have given some more detail right here: Rendering errors on some assets - DatoCMS Status

Sorry about that, and thank you once again for the feedback!