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I was trying to find out if there is a way to delete assets from the cache, for example accidentally uploaded ones. Deleted items are not appearing in the media/assets library but the links for all versions stay active for an unknown amount of time.

Sorry if I missed it in the documentation or in the community, but I was not able to find a solution.

Thanks for looking into this :slight_smile:

Currently it’s like you are saying, it’s not possible do delete the assets, but actually we might be able to change that and purge all unliked assets.

We’ll check that and get back to you!

Yes, please check that. It is not okay from an environmental view where server power is produced to serve old documents which are definitely not used any longer. Looking forward hearing from you when you will change this. Thank you!

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Are there any news?

I mean it’s also really bad in case of data privacy.

Example: If the direct link to an asset is saved it’s still possible to look up this file, even if the administrator deleted the file inside DatoCMS.

This is not acceptable…

hello @jan-daniel.mueller

I see your point of view, the problem for us was that we didn’t duplicate assets on project duplication, to avoid having lots of copies of the same assets (that happened a lot especially for our starter projects).

But we’ve changed that and we can probably now delete the assets once they are deleted from the CMS. We’ll provide feedback on this as soon as we can.

oh @jan-daniel.mueller I forgot that if you need to delete some assets let me know and I can do that for you!

hi @mat_jack1
Are there any News?

How should I send you Links of files that have to be deleted? Just here in the topic or as a private message?

hello @jan-daniel.mueller please send at any request for images that should be deleted completely from the cache, thank you

Quick update: deletion of assets in CDN is now automatic and happens within 24 hours from the deletion of the asset from the DatoCMS interface. If after 24h you’re still able to see them it might be your browser that caches the asset!


Hi @s.verna Can you confirm this happens with replaced assets as well? I.e., the original is removed from the CDN within 24 hours?

Yes, that’s correct!

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