Images are all broken

Images are all broken on Datocms. they all show with error of: “back_error”, when you go to a URL like this:

There is something wrong on your backend for image processing.

Here is a screen shot of what is going on in the admin for all images. the images just don’t show. It’s the same on the front end also.

Hello @osseonews

It seems like the URL you referenced to is missing the id and the file name, did you get it from Dato? I’ve sent in your DMs the actual URL of that asset provided by the Dato dashboard, and it seemed to return the correct image, if your browser is showing the permanently blurred image however, something may be wrong, if thats the case, can you let me know through the DMs (to not share publicly on the forum any URLs) whats happening

Also, you seem to be on a professional plan, so for a quicker response in requests like this one, you can email us at and we can quickly take a look at it :slight_smile:

Thanks, yes, everything is working now. But yesterday, all our images were broken and not loading for about an hour or so. The URL was copied with an error, but you can see what was happening from the sample screenshot. Images would just not load and going to actual URL would throw a “back_error”. I’m guessing the service where your images are served from was down? Anyway, it’s back to normal now.

Hello @osseonews yep, seems like imgix had some issues on the 16th which probably were the cause of the issues you were seeing. Sorry about that! Glad to know its working!