Images suddenly not visible in social Open Graph cards

I just noticed this morning that images have suddenly stopped appearing on shared links from my site.

Validating the links with validators on Twitter and Facebook shows that all of the meta tags are still correct, just the images themselves are not rendering.

Has something changed with accessibility by bots to assets hosted on

Please see this example Page for reference: Sync Users and Groups from Azure Active Directory – Assetbots

Here is what Twitter says about it:


The forum won’t let me add another image, so I can’t show you Facebook’s response.

Any help would be much appreciated.

I’m trying to add Facebook’s response to a reply:

I’m bumping this. Are there are any Dato team members that can take a look please?

Hello @chad2 sorry for the delay, we’re actively looking into it and i’ll get back to you as soon as we have any updates, identifying and solving the problem.

Hello once again @chad2 , despite not showing up on the debug tool, i can still se the preview card normally on facebook, are you only getting that issue on the debug tool?

Thank you so much for your reply. The reason I tried the debug tool at all was because I noticed that all of the images had disappeared from my Twitter timeline.

Taking a look at the timeline now, it seems most of the images have returned (I assume the ones remaining are yet to be refreshed).

I just posted to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and it looks like the images are working now.

Thanks again for responding - I’ll update if I notice any other issues.

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Great! let us know if you encounter this problem again and we can take a closer look at it.
Thank you for letting us know.