Random 404 pages after content changes

Hi All,

Looking for some assistance in regards to a peculiar 404 issue.

When an editor makes a change to one of our pages and successfully builds a site, one or more of the other pages (which content would not have updated) can 404. By making a slight content change to the impacted page(s) and re-building you can stop that 404 from occurring.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


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Hello @OWar and welcome to the community!

When it comes to rendering issues it is a bit hard for us to give some help on our end, as since we are a headless CMS, we have no access to the code that renders the website itself.

Some good pointers to where the issues could arise from are:

If you changed a “slug” field, or a field that can be used as a slug, this can create some problems depending on how your code is generating routes/fetching records.

If your project is filtering for some field value to fetch a record, changing that value can make your project no longer fetch that record for rendering.

Any other more in-depth pointers can only be given by a developer that has access to the code and can see how the records are being fetched/rendered.

If you are still running into some issues after checking the fetching-rendering code you can send us an email at support@datocms.com with the project repository so we can take a look on our end what could be causing this.

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Thanks for the feedback @m.finamor

Upon further investigation it seems the DatoCMS API Explorer is not gathering all the models once a content change is made.

@OWar can you send us at support@datocms.com an example of a model that the API explorer is not fetching, so we can take a look at what could be happening?

Thank you

Hey @m.finamor,

Found the issue: Content Delivery API - Pagination - DatoCMS Docs

We assumed the default model limit was a lot higher than 20 :smile:

@OWar Great!
You can raise the number of records returned per request up to 100, and then after that, if needed, you can implement pagination to fetch 100 by 100 records.

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