Media URLs all suddenly changed

Hi all,

I’m running a static-ish application that plays mp3 files hosted by dato. The application had been running fine for a few months until the 13th May when all of the URLs suddenly updated from this: to this which broke the application until we rebuilt.

Does anyone know what could have caused this, and how to stop it in the future whilst still keeping the application static? Thanks!

hello @alexa that seems strange as we didn’t change anything on our end and the assets are always available at the same URL.

If you can provide a specific example we can investigate a bit more, but looks very strange!

Hey @mat_jack1, thanks for the reply! What type of information do you need? We have maybe about 100 URLs, and they were all in this format: This URL suddenly stopped working, and when I checked the API explorer to see if a file had changed, it said it was now Same thing with all of the other URLs.

I’ve asked some of the Dato experts on our team, and they said the original URL with 4 sets of number sequences looks buggy to begin with.

yes, that looks weird in effect. Maybe we had a bug that was returning the wrong filename. I’ll report this internally and let you know, thanks!

Thanks @mat_jack1

I’ve gone through our commit history and it looks like the weird filename first appeared on the 20th Jan. It correctly pointed to the right file until the 13th May. Around that time we had been doing some additional work on the backend of the CMS and pulling from the API to get the latest versions of the other content, which also included pulling those mp3 urls. Hope this extra info helps.


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Hi, to my knowledge (and I’m the founder :D), we never in the history of DatoCMS stored assets in the weird format you describe, unless the extra -0000000000-0000000000-0000000000- were part of the original file names of the assets themselves. I don’t want to deny the fact that you have received URLs formatted that way, but, this feels REALLY strange to me!

I can only reassure you that the URLs of the assets never change, the assets CDN is to be treated as immutable, so if you do a rebuild for sure nothing of that kind will happen again.

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Thanks @s.verna! I’ll check with the client to see if they were part of the original filename, I think you might be on to something there.