Custom Data showing on the DatoCMS API Explorer for images but missing for local environment and when trying to access from the website

I was trying to add some custom data for images as links and that shows on the DatoCMS API Explorer like expected:

But I only get empty objects when I try to access it from the website(I couldn’t post the other image because I am a new user)

It would be good if you could help me with this :slight_smile:

hey @rinor welcome to Community!

Sorry I’m not sure about what you are doing on the website, are you launching the same GraphQL query? It’s strange that you get two different results

hey @mat_jack1 thanks!

Well the custom data field is there on API explorer but empty when retrieving from gatsby graphlq (using gatsby-source-datocms), and yes I’m using the same query for both of them.

oh I see!

The problem with Gatsby is that you are not using our GraphQL endpoint directly. They are reconstructing a GraphQL-like data structure that you can interrogate locally, but the information is coming from our REST API.

I can confirm that the data is not exposed in our source plugin, I’m going to open an internal task for this and report back when there are news!

Hey @rinor, we found the bug! It was only on “Multiple asset” fields, thanks for reporting! Version 2.5.17 of gatsby-source-datocms should fix the issue, let us know!

Mh… difficult to understand the issue from this line :confused: Could you share your project with us it any way?

Hey @s.verna, after I updated the gatsby-source-datocms to 2.5.17, and then trying to run it locally it get’s stuck while creating pages,
URL path: /privacy_infra/ Context: { "id": "DatoCmsPage-******-en" } [== ] 15.687 s 57/545 10% run page querie

@rinor update! We found a bug that might be the cause of your issue, please try v2.5.18 and let me know how it goes!

@s.verna thank you for that, I’m going to try that version and let you know! :slight_smile: