Randomly getting "statusCode: 404" when trying to generate many pages

We use Nuxt to generate static pages, with Dato as the source of content. Quite randomly, the Nuxt build fails, giving ‚ÄústatusCode: 404‚ÄĚ errors for certain pages. If you run the build again, it might succeed, or randomly fail again, on other pages. An example:
[error] Error generating route ‚Äú/en/blog/7th-steering-committee-meeting‚ÄĚ: {
‚ÄústatusCode‚ÄĚ: 404
A page like this makes a graphql request to the Dato API (for each and every page), could it be that every once in a while, randomly we get a 404 response?

Hello @devoorhoede

Could you email us at support@datocms.com with your project details and the specific queries that seem to have this behaviour so we can take a closer look at it, and see what could be going on?

Thank you!

I will do that, thank you!