Error msgs in CMS

Error messages

The moment one loads the page in DatoCMS to add new content it shows the red validation error message. Sch error messages should only appear after clicking save without filling the required boxes. Kindly advise on fixes to this

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thank you for the report, we’ll have a look and get back to you, sorry

many thanks

@mashabani Sorry, we cannot reproduce the issue, can you write to support and send us a link to the page in your project that is giving you the issue?

Hi, I am the one who made mashabani aware of the issue.

I also seem not able to reproduce the issue again. However, I used to get the following big error message the moment I wanted to add anything to the backend.

Now I am just getting a highlight to the box which I have clicked into but didn’t add anything. See attached images.

I don’t know whether the second scenario is by design. But I am pretty sure the first isn’t (although as said, I am not able to reproduce it). Based on my experiences, error messages usually appear after wanting to save a specific form without having filled the required fields.

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hey @muhammad.alwaeli we cannot see the attachment, sorry can you try again?

Sorry, here we go:

hey @muhammad.alwaeli I think we have solved the issue now. Can you please double check and let me know? I cannot reproduce anymore.