Zeit Integration doesn't show Team Projects


I’ve been trying to use the Zeit integration. Authorization seems to work but I can only select personal projects but no team projects which I have set up on Zeit.


thank you @jeremy.stucki for the report! we are on it and get back to you as soon as possible!

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Hi @jeremy.stucki we fixed it! Can you try again?

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Yes, team project now show up, thanks!

But I can’t select one. I always get the error “Error retrieving info from GitHub: Project […] not found”.

Can you take a look now @jeremy.stucki?

Thanks, setup now works!

Two more small issues though:

  • Once set up, on the “Edit Deployment environment” screen, I always have to re-authorize with Zeit and create a new setup
  • In the “Deployment status” menu, the Zeit environment will not update its build status (it shows “Build in progress” forever)

We fixed these last two things, let us know if it is working out fine :slight_smile: Sorry for your trouble

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@Souljuse It now works perfectly! Thank you for fixing this! :blush: