Vercel integration

I want to create a build trigger (Vercel integration). But when I try to link to a Vercel project a popup appears asking me to add integration, but I have already done so before (another project that has a build trigger) and if I continue with trying to add integration it says “It seems that your account does not have any DatoCMS projects”. I can’t seem to be able to create a build trigger with Vercel integration right now, I have done this before and it worked fine. Anyone can help?

Hello @zaironjacobs and welcome to the community!

This usually happens when you are logged in with a collaborator account to the DatoCMS project, now with the project owner for your DatoCMS project.
To make the integration, you must be logged in as the project owner

Hi @m.finamor

Yes I am a collaborator.
I am always asked to add the integration even though I already did, is this normal?
Previously this was not the case if I’m not mistaken.

@zaironjacobs then you need to login as the project owner, or ask the project owner to do the integration from their end, as on that list it only shows the projects you own, and if you don’t own any projects it will show the message “It seems that your account does not have any DatoCMS projects”

If you are being asked to add the integration, perhaps someone removed it from the vercel account