Webhook Payload - Linked Image `alt` is `null`

I’ve got a Article page with a “Feature Image” field - which is just a Single Asset link. I’ve set up a webhook to send data on publish. Payload format is API Version 3 and I have Expand nested blocks in records? checked.

The payload I receive does have the “Feature Image” in there but the alt is returned as null even though the image does have a alt specified.

Image in the Media Library


"feature_image": {
  "alt": null,
  "title": null,
  "custom_data": {},
  "focal_point": null,
  "upload_id": "51665401"

The title is null which is expected. The upload_id matches the id in the URL. However, the alt is null.

Is there something on my end I need to enable or is there a bug in the webhook payload?


Update: It is possible that more of those fields are affected. Just did a test with a custom Focal Point and the returned value is also null.

Hello @adro.codes , did you also set values for the alt in the record itself or just the default values in the media area?