Webhook Asset Path

Lovin DatoCMS so far, very intuitive!

The only stumbling block I’ve come across so far is how to get a full asset path rather than just the config object when posting data via webhooks?

It only passes the following:

  "alt": null,
  "title": null,
  "custom_data": {},
  "focal_point": null,
  "upload_id": "30434442"

I’m sure I must be missing something really obvious!

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Hello @digital

Sorry for the late response,
But it seems you are only looking at the “default_field_metadata” parameter of the payload we send through the webhook.

As an example, a webhook set up like this:

Gives us this raw payload, when we trigger it:

You can test your webhooks at https://webhook.site/, and let me know if you don’t get the same parameters

Hope this helps,