Show content for specific tag


I’ve got three models:
Tag - where I store tags
Article - links to Tag
Session - links to Article and Tag

Is it possible in DatoCMS to show in Session model all Articles which responds to specific Tag eg. happiness ?

It’s not possible directly, but what about implementing that logic in the frontend? So you just save the “happiness” tag in your Session model and then you fetch the articles with that tag only in the frontend?

An alternative is to implement a plugin that does that for you in the CMS interface. Check here how to get started:

Well it’s more complicated app and this logic will be stored in back-end. Unfortunately my client want to have such functionality in CMS interface to easy build Sessions consisting of Articles based on tags.

Ok but is it possible to achieve that? I mean I don’t want to put a lot of effort into it and I don’t want to waste time if this is 50/50

You can do a plugin that can show you the content in the UI. Then you might need to replicate the same logic in the frontend.

We don’t have “dynamic” fields that update when content updates, so you are only able to show the linked records and do the same on your frontend. Hope it makes sense?