SEO settings constraining requirements

I’m setting up SEO for my pages in my site and noticed some things that feels a little constraining. Starting out:

Why is it required to have a fallback meta description and fall back title? I feel that this is kind of encouraging to put false information in your meta description if the page you create ends up having an empty meta description.

Forcing the user to only put up to 160 characters in the description seems constraining since some of my descriptions go past 160 characters. I know that this is just following the requirements of the browser but the browser automatically truncates the text so this doesn’t allow you to utilize the truncation in the browser ever. Nobody is writing perfect 160 sentences and as a developer I’m not rewriting the clients sentences shorter to get the same point across. I’d rather just put the whole statement in with the expectation that it will be truncated in the search engine.

Hello @jacob1 sorry for the delay in getting back to you here and welcome :slight_smile:

Regarding the first question, if you don’t have any fallback and you request the SEO information you won’t get anything at all, which I think is much worse than providing a generic project fallback, don’t you agree? That shouldn’t be a bogus thing, more a generic project fallback information.

Then regarding the 160 character, you can customise it when adding the SEO field, here:

Ah great, I totally missed the configuration on the SEO field!

On the Meta Description question. I believe that it should be optional to create a generic fallback. The reason being is that even though there are some cases where a fallback can be helpful, it can end up being harmful from an SEO stand point to have duplicate descriptions. Especially when it has nothing to do with the page. Plus Google usually makes it’s own from content on your page which is more relevant than a generic description.

Here’s a quick article that does a good job talking a little more about it.

I appreciate the help! Thanks!