SEO field vs SEO in Settings


I’d need a clarifcation on the SEO field set in a model object and the SEO settings in the site settings.

When you don’t set the description in the SEO field, then it seems like it doesn’t fall back to the site-global SEO description, however it does fall back to the facebook/twitter share image url?

I think it would be cool if the description would fall back to the global SEO settings.

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hello @david.bismut

now what happens is that if the SEO field is empty, we try to guess title and image from the record fields. If we cannot we then fall back to the global SEO settings.

Normally this is a better degradation than falling back to the global settings immediately, what do you think?

@mat_jack1thanks for your answer. In my view you could also fall back to global settings when title and / or description are missing?

we should do that @david.bismut

but where are you fetching data? directly from GraphQL? Gatsby plugin?

GraphQL native API!

Sorry, I was thinking you were using our Gatsby plugin.

If you use _seoMetaTags you should get the fallback values. I’m getting that correctly for the description, can you please double check or otherwise share your query so that I can test myself?


Oh well you’re right, that seems to work now…! Sorry about this!

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