SEO fallback values for Description

My client has requested the ability to maintain two sets of data for page previews, one for internal links and one for external. This is because they have content cards on their site for internal links, that behave much like facebook/twitter link cards (Title, Image, Description) — but they want the ability to get more “sales pitchy” in their external-facing descriptions.

Ideally, I could set this up so the internal set of data is required, and SEO override fields are optional. So there’d be four fields on the model:

  • Title*
  • Description*
  • Image*
  • SEO (title, description, image)

Then, if the SEO field is left empty, both internal links and external SEO meta tags are based on the first three required ones.

This currently almost works! Except for description. I’ve noticed that _seoMetaTags will pick up local title and image data if the SEO field is left empty — but it always falls back to the global SEO description.

Am I just not setting up my local description field correctly? I’ve tried both single-line and simple text area inputs.

Or, is this just how things are currently wired? Based on @mat_jack1 's comment here: SEO field vs SEO in Settings it sounds like only title and image are considered for fallbacks.

If it IS how things are currently wired, my feature request is to add a locally derived fallback for description, as well.

Everything you are saying is correct. We should add a fallback value for description. Taking the first multi-line paragraph would make sense? Something similar to what we do for the title?

Now if you want to fill the SEO description you need to use the SEO field, yes.

Thanks @mat_jack1! Taking the first multi-line paragraph does make sense (it would certainly solve our use case). We’ll keep the current SEO fallback behavior in mind as we pass off editing to the client.

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I’m wondering, could this be considered a bug, and not a new feature?

This is the help text we’re adding to our SEO fields:

Note: this will pick up Title and Preview Image, but not Description. You must set that explicitly here, if you don’t want the global site fallback. Request filed — SEO fallback values for Description

I see your point of view, but this is actually something new for us, it was never implemented before :frowning:

Roger, that distinction makes sense