Preview no longer working

Preview stopped working all of a sudden. The sit won’t reload when making changes on the CMS. I won’t work on localhost or Gatsby Cloud. Any idea why this is happening? I worked before.

hey @jgiraldo welcome to Community! :slight_smile:

Do you have a public repo that you can share so that I can have a look?

I think I figured out the reason. I have a special case where I need to pull data from two different datoCMS projects. It seems that it only picks up the changes of the first project listed on the gatsby-config file. I am curious if you can think of a way to make them both work.

PS: I hope you all staying safe and doing well over there in Italy.

hey @jgiraldo this is interesting!

Not sure if we can do anything about this, but I’ll note this down and get back to you!

@jgiraldo we have just released v3.0.17 of our JS client (which is a dependency of our Gatsby source) which should allow multiple push subscriptions in parallel, allowing Gatsby to update for all of them.

If you update your dependencies it should be fixed. Please let me know if not! Thanks

It worked perfectly. Thank you so much for taking the time and working on this. You guys are awesome! stay safe!

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