Gatsby preview integration guide

We are very proud that Gatsby has decided to feature this guide on how to integrate with DatoCMS:

We are also working together to improve the workflow and smooth out some rough edges.

Feel free to ask for more details, leave questions or ask for help!

Hi there, I seem to be having some issues getting preview to work. I’ve setup Gatsby Cloud and run through the automated integration with Dato. Builds seem to trigger correctly, the preview link generated updates with live data very quickly. All things appear to be working correctly apart from the CMS preview button plugin ( which doesn’t respond. Click it and I get nothing… any thoughts? I have a slug field present on all models that relate to pages. Can’t seem to find any useful information on the issue.

There is an error in the terminal when I click the link: Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: e.startsWith is not a function (

I’m using chrome canary: Version 82.0.4084.0 (Official Build) canary (64-bit)

hello @jacobc and welcome to Community!!

Have you tried getting in touch with them? Maybe you can open an issue on the plugin repo to ask what they think about this? Sorry not being more helpful here, but this might be the fastest way to solve your issue.

Thanks Matteo, not yet. Will raise an issue with the Gatsby team on github. Thanks

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