Gatsby Cloud Preview plugin alternative after migration to Netlify

Hi all,

I recently received a note from Netlify that they are shutting down Gatsby Cloud this October. With this I will have to migrate my production website over to Netlify very soon.

Our editor team currently makes strong use of the Preview functionality, so migrating the website without it will have a huge impact in our company.

Is anyone aware of an alternative plugin/guide to help me migrate the Preview functionality once the website is hosted on Netlify?

Hello @fcr i just spoke with our contact inside Gatsby Cloud and they said that they have a similar preview solution for after the transition. However they recommended for you to get in contact with them directly over with Netlify Support to get more details on that new solution and how to move forward with it

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Thanks for the reply Marcelo!

I will seek their support on this matter, then! Good to hear there’ll be an alternative!

Thank you!

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Do you have by any chance an update regarding this?

@m.finamor we checked with Netlify Support and the preview solution they provide is Stackbit. We think Stackbit provides more than a simple preview and is not the tool we would like to use. We want to keep our solution simple and we would like to have a simple preview on our DatoCMS dashboard, are you thinking on creating a feature like that any time soon?

@dmv I’ll check internally and I’ll get back to you!

Hey @dmv I’m not sure if it’s something we’ll ever be able to provide. The preview generation is something responsibility of the frontend, so we should deal with hosting and interfacing with your frontend code (in this instance Gatsby).

In particular, do you have any feedback on why Stackbit is not something that would work for you? Do you find it too complex for you? Maybe we can help to streamline the integration between our tools?