Expose inverse relations in Dashboard and GraphQL API

If I have a Post model with a category property of type PostCategory, it allows me to easily display the post’s category when querying for a specific post: datoCmsPost(...) { category { ... } } (this is the syntax of gatsby-source-datocms).

To do the opposite and create a page with all posts of a specific category, currently I have to query all posts and add a filter to select only the relevant category: allDatoCmsPost(filter: { category: { ... } }) { ... }.


So it would be great if, when creating the Post‘s category property in the dashboard, we could expose the inverse relation as well. (Kind of equivalent to belongs_to :parent_model, inverse_of: :model in ruby on rails.) This inverse relation would be visible/navigatable in DatoCMS’ dashboard and in the GraphQL API and gatsby-source-datocms API.

We are currently looking into GraphQL headless CMSs and deep filtering is the major missing piece for us in DatoCMS. GraphCMS and others have this ability but we much prefer DatoCMS interface and flexibility. Are there any plans to make this happen?

“is the major missing piece” -Absolutly!

We’re actively working on deep filtering… should be ready in the next 2 weeks!

are there some updates for this issue?

Any updates on deep filtering?

We’ll track the deep filtering feature into a new issue: https://github.com/datocms/product-roadmap/issues/128