Display block field in model collection page

Hi, we’ve a request from CMS team.

How to display block field in model collection? Like here I want to display Lesson Text New field text in Book collection similar to how question_text is displayed in screenshoot 3.

If it be possible to display the block field inside a multiple link field, as seen in the second screenshoot. Like showing their block field(Lesson Text New) below the titles (Card1, Card 30, Card3…).

If block fields can’t be exposed, can we get the value of a block field using plugin, that way we can additional field to autofill block fields and display them in either Book record page below the title or inside Book collection page.

@henok.tesfaye am I right saying that you want to show content that is inside of a modular block in the records list?

If this is what you need you cannot do that unfortunately, neither with a plugin yet.