Ability to filter models by block field

We’re looking for the ability to filter Active Learning Cards by a string that is present in the lesson text. And lesson text is a field inside block.

We want to filter records by lesson text content, but it’s not appearing in the search column

How can we filter records by fields inside a block?

hi @henok.tesfaye I’m sorry but filtering by modular content’s fields (as well as link fields) is not possible at the moment :cry:

If you want, you can upvote this feature request

Indeed, since we’re dealing with a course website and have thousands of records, this is something we want in our Dato project.

@fabrizio is this something we can customize using plugins? Thanks!

hi @henok.tesfaye no I’m sorry, this is far beyond a plugin can do :pensive:

Okay, I hope this is something your team looks into as to support it in upcoming versions. :cry:

This is possible through the new quick search release(Introducing Quick Search! - DatoCMS). Thank you!