Weird errors for one user while trying to interact with the UI

I’ve got a user who’s in multiple projects who every time they interact with the UI (filtering, editing) in any project they get ‘something went wrong’ errors, here’s some examples:


i’ve had them log out and back in (logging in also spawns errors), and this holds using multiple browsers (Chrome, Firefox), cleared cookies, browser restarts, and incognito windows.

they can close the error modals and keep interacting with the UI, but of course any attempt to do that results in more errors

Hello @chowells ,

We shipped several dashboard updates on the course of the last week that should have addressed these errors. However if you are still experiencing them this week, could you send us an email at with a screen recording of the steps that lead to these errors so we can try and reproduce it locally and see what could be going on? Thank you!

looks like the user in question has already emailed (mentioning the errors when filtering; there are errors at all other points as well), this is the response:

Thank you for the report, i’ve notified the development team right away about the filter issue, and i’ll get back to you as soon as it is fixed.
As for the login issue, we’re working on it at the moment as well.

so i think there’s broader issues with logins, the users, etc, as a result of the dashboard changes. my own experience has none of these problems, so at least it’s not universal …

given that we are now emailing support about this, we can probably close this out.

Hello @chowells

We just shipped a package of fixed this morning, could you try and clear the cache (essential!) and see if the problem has indeed been solved?

Thank you for the feedback!

my users report this being fixed – thanks again for your help!

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