Unable to add images as part of an ordered/un-ordered list

We’re running into an issue where adding an image block as part of a list does not seem to render correctly. Dato always places the image block outside the list and essentially restarts the list each time.

The expectation here is that we’re trying to create an ordered list of image blocks. We are using a structured text field for capturing this content.

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Hey @jude,

Unfortunately, that is a limitation of our structured text editor :frowning: It could be a feature request, or as a workaround, would either of these work for you?

Option 1: You can make each step its own block

Something like this:

Each step would itself be a block, like this:

Then you can render that on the frontend as lists (or whatever else you want).

Option 2: Use a HTML field instead of Structured Text

If you don’t need to use Structured Text, might an HTML field work for you?

Sorry about that! Hopefully the feature request can be implemented, or one of the workarounds could work in the meantime?

@roger the potential issue here (Jude’s on my team) is that we are proceeding with a massive data migration - if we just keep the data in the Structured Text field as it is, would the lists appear correctly once the feature is implemented, or would data have to be edited and/or re-imported?

Unfortunately, I don’t think so. Right now the list and the image are siblings, and there wouldn’t be a clean way to make the image a child of the list, like it’s supposed to be.

If you want to future-proof it, I think it would be cleaner to use the “step block” example (approach #2) I provided, because at least that way you would get a clean schema that you can programmatically process (for batch export/import later on, if the feature is ever properly implemented).

Example of what the current situation looks like, in GraphQL:

There’s no way to cleanly move the image into the list items later.

VS if you defined the entire step as a block, at least you can get separate fields:

Then later on you could more easily parse that and convert them into list items for re-import.

I have to note that there is no guarantee that feature will be added, though :frowning: There are many outstanding feature requests and it depends on their relative popularity (votes).

If you need this right away, it would be better, I think, to come up with some immediately usable solution?

Sorry about that. Please let me know if I can help work through any of the examples, or help you think of other approaches…?

Gotcha. That’s a bit limiting but I guess we’ll go that way. Thank you.

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