Trigger webhook on field change?

Is it possible to trigger a webhook to fire when only a specific field in a model is updated? For example, we want to trigger a webhook when the “email” field (boolean) is set to true. From what I can tell you can only currently trigger a webhook on a Create/Update, in general for a model, but not on an update of a specific field. So that if we create a webhook to fire on a update of a model, it will fire the webhook every single time any field in the model is updated? This seems extremely wasteful, if that’s the case. Anyway around this?

@osseonews you can do that by creating a custom field extension plugin s on that field, that detects a field update, and fires a webhook call upon that update.

Thanks. That’s way beyond our knowledge base right now. Just starting out with DatoCms. I think this should be a basic feature, btw, otherwise users are sending tons of wasteful webhooks. I believe Datacms is built on postgres? If so, this is an easy add behind the scenes. Thanks

As we need to store revisions of the record, so that you can rollback to a previous version if needed, we save the whole record, not single fields.

Since webhooks are free you can filter them on your side to check if a specific field has changed. We send the previous and current version every time, so the check should be trivial.

Hope it helps