Simple textarea fields show entered/pasted content as [object Object]

This is what shows up when I enter or paste in content ^^.

Existing fields with existing content show text correctly.

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Weโ€™re expreiencing something very similar - any field that includes a number we try and input a number and get [object Object] too.

Following here for updates.

Hello @yile and @mike2 and welcome to the community!

I wasnโ€™t able to reproduce the problem on my end :frowning:

Could you send us the direct record link and the content you are trying to paste to us at so we can try and identify the issue on our end? Thank you!

Thanks for the reply @m.finamor, weโ€™ve sent over an email with some links that should help debug the problem hopefully :smile:

Hello @miguel, @mike2 and @yile

Thank you all for the report, we just shipped a fix for this!