Scheduled publishing/unpublishing and build triggers


I am checking out the “Scheduled publishing/unpublishing” (Scheduled publishing/unpublishing - DatoCMS).
I have set it up to trigger a Netlify-build on a scheduled publish, and it seems to work. However it will trigger all my “build triggers”, and thats overkill (i have production- and test-environments in same instance of DatCMS). Is there any way to enable the editor to choose which build triggers should be fired together with a specific scheduled publish?


hi @anders1 :slight_smile: welcome!

No, I’m sorry. It’s not possible at the moment.

I think you already know this: you can turn off the “Automatically trigger a build on scheduled publications/unpublishings” from build triggers that do need it.

But you cannot choose which build trigger a schedule will trigger, sorry :frowning:

Hello Faber and thank you very much for responding.

Is there any plans about making something like this available?


No plans at the moment, but you can create a feature request in the dedicated section ( Feature requests - DatoCMS community ) :slight_smile:

I made a quick search and it seems there is no similar request

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