Select which build trigger should be fired on scheduled publish

When scheduled publish is set up (Scheduled publishing/unpublishing - DatoCMS), build triggers can be fired afterward. Unfortunately none or all build triggers in the DatoCMS instance will be fired. It would be nice to be able to select which build triggers should be fired together with a scheduled publish/unpublish.

This was my post leading to this feature request: Scheduled publishing/unpublishing and build triggers

Is this something you might be able to accomplish with a DatoCMS webhook?

Something like…

  • DatoCMS webhook: When a record is published, send a webhook
  • (Optional middle layer in a serverless function for conditionals, like if scheduled publish date <= today*)
  • Request gets sent to Netlify as a build hook so you can specify what gets built

*I think maybe the test for scheduled publishing is redundant? Probably you’d want to build anytime there is a new publish anyway, right, and presumably the Dato hook wouldn’t fire until the scheduled publish actually occurs? I am not sure. This would be easiest if you could expose the scheduled publishing date via the webhook template fields, but the docs aren’t clear about what the possible parameters are.