RTL (text direction button) in WYSIWYG editor

Hi Dato,

I hope you are well and Happy New Year.

I have a team of developers who have been working on setting up Dato as the CMS for my multilingual news site startup over the past months. I have been informed that there is no RTL button for the WYSIWYG editor, which seems exceptionally odd to me, and may leave me with no option but to change CMS provider. This is given that my editors need to be able to edit in RTL mode. I think this is a shame as I really like what you guys are trying to do vs. Contentful. Your kind assistance on this matter would be appreciated.

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Hi @mashabani! Thanks for reporting this issue to us!

We added a locale based rtl-ltr auto-detection to the HTML WYSIWYG, so if you select a rtl language it should automatically change direction in the editor :partying_face:

Anyway we are still working on adding it to the markdown editor. There is an open issue for the one we use https://github.com/Ionaru/easy-markdown-editor/issues/202

Many thanks for your prompt response; I will check it out and let you know in case of further queries. Best wishes,

Hi again Souljuse,

I hope you are doing well.

With the RTL problem resolved, my staff is now diving head-first into DatoCMS, and as we do so, we are facing one important problem:

Since our content is published in three languages, each article is set up with three locales. However, it appears to be the case that only one locale can be edited by one person at a time. This means that for example three editors can’t work on three different language versions of the same article. Could you please offer your guidance on how we can resolve this issue? The “locking” of articles in this manner is quickly becoming a bottlenock in the workflow :frowning:

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hello @mashabani,

unfortunately the locking is per-record and currently one record holds also all the translations. So we cannot offer any workaround right now.

We might do when we’ll work on this: Ability to set Draft/Publish on locales basis if you want to upvote or add your comment regarding the locking.

Sorry for that