Ability to set Draft/Publish on locales basis

With the Optional Translations feature it is now possible to add any number of locales for a content item.

It is however difficult to determine how many locales an item is available in and whether it is available in draft/published state for that locale.

Use case:
Let’s say we’re building a simple Wikipedia-like system.

A user creates an Articles “Italian History” in English and publishes the Article.
The frontend would now like to present external users with the available languages to choose their language. And a logged in user might want to know that there is a draft available to preview in a new language:

// get specific Article in GraphQL with locales meta data

  title: "Italian History"
  locales : [ { id: "en", status: "published" },  { id: "es", status: "draft" } ]

Would it be possible for DatoCMS to automatically add this “meta data” to every content item?

Any updates on this? :slight_smile:

Will this also include publishing on a specific date/time for each locale?

Any ETA?

Any updates on this?

Sorry no news for now on this :frowning:

We are focusing on this first: Multiple schema+data environments (production, staging, etc.)