Rich text placeholder '/' comman hint color


I noticed that the hint “Type ‘/’ for commands” in the rich text editor is barely readable.
After some investigation I did not discover a way to change to color of this placeholder like text that is currently set to “#eaeaea”.

Am I missing somethin and is there actualy a way to change this?
If not, would you be willing to improve this?


Fyi, the readability in the screenshot is better than the actual readability because the screenshot made it bigger. It’s also mainly less readable when you are additing an existing block of text with multiple lines of text above and below.
After a while my content editors won’t need this info anymore but for new ones this might be an important aid.

Hello @kristof

I see what you mean, if you don’t mind giving us further feedback:
If we got something like a toolbar over the structured text that allows for the commands to be accessed through there, would you think it would make it more accessible to editors, and solve that issue? Something like the proposal here: User friendlier Structured text editor

Thank you!

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I think that would be an even better sollution because indeed that’s where most people will start looking to begin with and it would be good to have all possible options grouped together instead of having to access them via different actions.

I was just looking for the probably easiest fix to what I encountered now