User friendlier Structured text editor

While Structured Text is a great new feature I don’t think it’s very user friendly since everything must be done with the slash commands. It would be very helpful to also have a more traditional editor UI similar to the markdown editor for marking selected text with something (ie: bold/url) and inserting references to blocks and inline records.

100% agreed. I’d really like to see an option to have a rich-text editor much like the one we see here on Discourse. This would make the rich-text editor experience much friendlier to non-developer folks who are much more used to a fixed formatting toolbar when editing content.


We’re currently exploring which CMS to use for our project, and DatoCMS has made our shortlist. Personally, I love the slash commands - the other users we’ve demo’d to, not big fans. Fairly unanimously they all wanted a GUI way to open the commands panel.

To them, this issue was actually quite a significant barrier to using the platform and several of them said they marked DatoCMS down due to this one issue.

Other than a button to trigger the command panel though, users loved the structured text editor. In particular, we created a block that we called “references” that was a “link_to” type field, and they loved the way this worked.

Please consider adding a “open commands panel” button - even if its an optional setting. Thanks!