Publish/Draft on per locale basis

I guess this is not possible now? Anyone sees a need for that? We would really need a feature that can setup “Publish” a record on per locale basis…

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Hello @primoz.rome , have you taken a look at this thread? Ability to set Draft/Publish on locales basis

We went with this solution as you linked to on our current “enterprise”-size project. Works okay this far. A bit clumsy, but really nice to be able to work on different localisations in the same time, and having scheduling and draft in place.

Yeah me too, especially because I need this feature linked to a revalidate API web hooks…

Contentstack uses a nice way to Publish per locale basis. Maybe an idea if this sort of feature gets it to the Dato’s development roadmap.

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Launched! Introducing Per-Locale Publishing: reach new audiences faster with DatoCMS

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This is awesome! Thanks DatoCMS!