Other Jekyll Users?

I would like to talk with other people who are using Dato with Jekyll. Can you let me know if you are. I am really deep into it and would like to exchange some ideas. Thanks!!!

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Not on Jekyll but I’ve been using Middleman and Dato for some years so by all means ask away if you have anything Ruby-specific!

yeah I was using jekyll but I had to drop it and move to eleventy once I got over 100 pages. The build times were getting to like 45 seconds. Im down to 4 seconds now.

I’m fascinated to hear how you are using Dato with 11ty. I’m doing the same and I really struggle as soon as the data becomes more complex and particularly I am not able to create relationships across data types so far.

I’m using JS data files in my _data folder to pull in collections based on Dato API calls

The fact that Dato stores things like tags as arrays of objects makes them difficult to work with in 11ty

it was actually pretty easy ad similar to jekyll. The only reason I switched was because of my jekyll builds were taking almost 45-secs to 1 min. So on eleventy its only 5 seconds with over 400 pages. I am just using the dato node js client to create my MD files. Its super easy. I am doing alot of work in the eleventy.js files to create my collections. Its easy once you do it a few times.

Yep that’s what I use!